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The Learning Inventory of Need (LION) in English and Spanish (LEON), is a comprehensive, adaptive reading assessment for students grades KG – 12 (KG – 6 for Spanish).  Student results include an independent and instructional reading level for fiction and nonfiction, as well as foundational focus skills to assist teachers in remediation, enrichment, and guided reading lessons.  The complete suite of results provides teacher lesson plans, small group activities, student-based online games, and leveled running records for one-on-one sessions.  A complete and comprehensive literacy RTI/MTSS tool.

Approved assessment on the Texas Commissioner's 2017-2021 Kindergarten Instruments.

LION for Reading meets the diagnostic criteria for HB3. Learn more here!

Faster, Better - Leveled Reading Assessment
and Universal Screener

The Ultimate Hybrid Reading Suite

Schools don't have to decide - one-on-one vs. computer-based. LION for Reading is the best of both worlds. Time-saving benchmarks with targeted observational options - in one integrated system.
LION for Reading takes the best parts of tried-and-true reading assessments – into one reliable, valid, and powerful system that works! LION for Reading gives teachers the tools to meet students where they are – helping students succeed.

Universal Screener/Benchmark

All K - 12 Students

Fluency Quests

Targeted Students
Running Records
Skill Practice


Teacher Resources
Small Groups and Centers
Independent Student Tutorials
Appropriate for All Grade Levels

Independent Reading

Reading "Just Right" Books
Graphic Organizer Library

Progress Monitoring

Fluency Quests
Full LION Administration

RHINO Packets

5 day leveled reading activities
Phonological Awareness/Phonics
Comprehension, Vocabulary, Writing, Author's Purpose

Created for Teachers

LION and LEON were developed based on feedback from 1000s of teachers, reading coaches, and administrators over the last 15 years. Each component is research-based and guided by instructional best practices.

Engaging and Efficient

Students look forward to their next LION Expedition! Students earn stars for each completed task as they travel through their customized literacy journey. Most students complete their expedition in 30 minutes or less.


LION/LEON's diagnostic reading assessment can be administered using a web browser or iPad.
Students are led through the administration of the assessment by Sophia the safari guide.
Student audio recording is done for all reading passages and transcribed for deeper analysis.

Adaptive and Individualized

Based on the student’s reading level, foundational skill tasks are administered to determine key areas of need and to assist teachers in providing remediation at the student’s individual reading level.

Built for Complete Alignment

5 Domains of Reading

LION/LEON assesses all of the five domains of reading (phonological awareness, phonics, spelling, accuracy, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary) with an emphasis on vocabulary and word study.

State Standards
Developed from the beginning to address the student expectations found in (new) TEKS and Common Core, LION and LEON provide practical and familiar feedback and resources to assist teachers in meeting the curriculum standards set forth by their state and targeted on high-stakes assessments.
New York Next Gen Standards
Common Core Standards
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Guided Reading

LION and LEON passages are correlated to Lexile, DRA2, Fountas & Pinnell, AR, and ATOS to help teachers and librarians find the most appropriate books for each student. LION/LEON reports include equivalent titles to engage parents and students in finding “just-right” texts to encourage reading.

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Universal Screener

Students are quickly identified as ABOVE, AT, BUBBLE, and BELOW level for both fiction and nonfiction texts.

Fiction and Nonfiction

Students are assessed separately in fiction and nonfiction texts to ensure teachers know their students' reading levels across genres.

Response to Intervention

Students are automatically assigned an RTI tier. LION is a complete RTI solution with a benchmark, universal screener, progress monitoring, and intervention resources.  LION can also be used as the literacy component of any MTSS implementation.

The Complete Literacy Solution

2 Parts = Maximum Results

LION/LEON is administered in two parts. Part 1 determines the student's reading level in fiction and nonfiction. This universal screener identifies whether or not a student is on or off grade level. Part 2 assesses the student's foundational skills at their reading level.

Integrated Progress Monitoring

LION and LEON can be administered up to 12 times a year, or once every three weeks. Student’s reading progress in both fiction and nonfiction can be tracked and monitored to assist with continued intervention and reading tutorials.

Teacher Tutorials
Teachers can access aligned activities and lessons from the Florida Center for Reading Research, Read-Write-Think, equivalent titles, and over 100 graphic organizers.
Student Tutorials
Students can access teacher-tested, research-based tutorial activities based on their most recent LION results. Students’ time and tasks are logged for additional RTI documentation.
Fluency Quests
Teachers can access "Fluency Quests" for a more traditional one-on-one setting with students. These leveled reading passages can be used as a running record or simply as a tool for listening to a student's reading. All passages include comprehension and vocabulary questions.

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