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Buffalo, NY, USA, August 7, 2023 — Harris, a global vertical market software provider, adds assessment solutions and services with its acquisition of Liberty Source, LLC. Liberty Source provides assessment solutions and services with a focus on K-12 reading and math diagnostic testing and remediation. The suite of integrated applications assists K-12 educators in data analysis, assessment creation Read More ......
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2023-2027 Commissioner’s List of Approved Prekindergarten Progress Monitoring Instruments

LION for Prekindergarten has been approved by TEA for inclusion on the Prekindergarten Progress Monitoring Instrument list. To be considered for approval by the commissioner, the Progress Monitoring Instrument does all of the following: Assesses in the five required domains of Emergent Literacy: Reading, Emergent Literacy: Writing, Emergent Literacy: Language and Communication, Mathematics, and Health Read More ......
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2023-2027 Commissioner’s List of Approved Grade 7 Reading Instruments

LION for Reading has been approved by TEA for inclusion on the Grade 7 Reading Instruments list. Since the 2008-2009 school year, school districts and open-enrollment charter schools have been required to administer a diagnostic reading assessment to Grade 7 students whose performance on the Grade 6 state reading assessment did not meet the passing Read More ......
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HB4545 Accelerated Learner Support

LION for Reading and LION for Math are excellent tools for supporting House Bill 4545. Tutorial Support Benchmarks to Identify Student Needs Tutorial Reports Grouping Students by Need Progress Monitoring Check for Tutorial Efficacy Tools for Tracking Tutorial Time Accelerated Learning Committee Support Automated Identification of Students Identification of Student Needs Committee Participation Tracking Documentation Read More ......
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HB3 Board and District Goal Setting

HB3 requires that school districts make progress goals.  Although K – 2 is not required, Tango helps districts with their K – 2 progress goals with several reports that break out the information by demographics – special populations, ethnicity, and gender. We provide up to 5 years in past data, so districts can see current Read More ......
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