The Learning Inventory of Need (LION) in English and Spanish (LEON) is a comprehensive, adaptive math assessment for students grades KG – Alg 1 (Spanish K-5). A web-based assessment giving students tasks based on grade-level readiness skills and their corresponding pre-skills. Teachers learn valuable information regarding students’ proficiency in math concepts and their progress throughout the year.

Support for House Bill 4545

Universal Screener and Progress Monitoring for Math

Comprehensive and Efficient

LION and LEON allow teachers to track progress on those skills that are most critical for students entering the grade level and on those being taught.

Engaging and Efficient

Students look forward to their next LION Expedition! Students earn stars for each completed task as they travel through their mathematics journey. Most students complete their expedition in 30 minutes or less.


LION/LEON's diagnostic math assessment is available on a web browser or iPad. Students are led through the administration of the assessment independently by Sophia, the safari guide.

Adaptive and Individualized

For each concept, students are given a screening (pre-skill) and - if mastered - a grade-level inventory skill. Results help to determine key areas of need and to assist teachers in providing remediation at the student’s individual level.

Built for Complete Alignment


Developed from TEKS and Common Core, LION and LEON provide practical and targeted feedback and resources to meet the curriculum standards set forth by states and on high-stakes assessments.

Universal Screener

Students are quickly identified as ABOVE, AT, BUBBLE, and BELOW level for the screening and inventory items.


Students are automatically assigned an RTI/MTSS tier. LION is a complete intervention and tiered support solution with a benchmark, universal screener, progress monitoring, and intervention resources.

Criterion and Norm Referenced

Track student progress through scale scores and national percentile ranks.  Effective tool for tracking progress for teacher incentives and other progress measure evaluations.

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