Pre-Kindergarten Assessment

Pre-Kindergarten Assessment
Liberty Source has been successfully helping pre-kindergarten teachers assess and instruct their students.  We offer several different types of assessments - from one-on-one observational assessments to independent student assessments, or a hybrid of part independent and part teacher-led. Teachers can find the best way to assess their students and use the powerful Tango reports to group their students, find activities to reinforce skills, and re-assess the students.


The Learning Inventory of Need (LION) and the Spanish version, Lecciones de Evaluación basado en Objectivos y Necesidades (LEON) pre-kindergarten assessment covers the major early literacy domains.



Early Literacy Skills

Students will be guided through items regarding:

• Pre-Reading
• Reading Engagement
• Uppercase Letter Name/Letter Sound
• Lowercase Letter Name/Letter Sound
• Rhyming
• Vocabulary
• Initial Sound Identification
• Listening Comprehension
• Separating Words in a Sentence
• Making Compound Words
• Separating/Blending Syllables
• Onset-Rime


The assessment is broken up into 4 parts. The first three parts can be done independently on a computer by the student or one-on-one with the teacher. The fourth part is teacher administered only.


Developed based on national and state guidelines for early literacy, LION and LEON will help teachers provide targeted instruction to Pre-kindergarten students.  Cutpoints for mastery take the student's age into consideration - so 3 year old are evaluated differently than 4 year olds.



CIRCLE/C-PALLS+ was developed by the Children’s Learning Institute at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Evaluating pre-kindergarten literacy, math, science, social studies, early writing, and social development - as well as critical skills for all Head Start domains.

CIRCLE/C-PALLS+ is available in English and Spanish.


Tango Rx for CIRCLE/C-PALLS+ expedites the assessment process, records audio of the student’s rapid letter and vocabulary tasks for further analysis, and provides valuable one-on-one time with each student.

Platform Options

Available on the iPad or web browser so teachers can select which platform best fits their situation and set of students.

Tango Central Reporting

Tango Rx helps teachers plan and monitor student progress using our rich reporting engine.  Students are grouped based on ability with corresponding remediation activities to assist teachers in supporting students’ growth and development.




PK Progress Monitoring

Based on teacher feedback and research, Liberty Source has created quick progress monitoring probes for Letter Name, Letter Sound, Vocabulary, and Rhyming. These 1-2 minute checks can be done between ANY beginning, middle, and end of year assessments to evaluate a student's progress regarding these skills.





12 sets of items for Rhyme Identification (Do these words rhyme?) and Rhyme Generation (Tell me a word that rhymes with...)

Letter Name-Sound/Nombre-sonido de letra


Letter Name/Nombre de letra and Letter Sound/Sonido de letra
12 sets of probes where students will name each letter and generate its sound.



12 sets of probes where students have to identify the picture.

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