LION for Pre-Kindergarten
The LION universal screener for pre-kindergarten evaluates both literacy and math.  The test is done both independently by the student and one-on-one with the teacher.   Teachers get purposeful, key data using the powerful Tango reports to group their students, find activities to reinforce skills, and monitor student progress.

APPROVED on the 2024-2027 Commissioner’s List of Prekindergarten Progress Monitoring Instruments

The Assessment Solution for Pre-Kindergarten

Reading Domains

Assess all literacy domains for PK quickly and easily.

• Pre-Reading • Reading Engagement • Uppercase Letter Name/Letter Sound • Lowercase Letter Name/Letter Sound • Rhyming • Vocabulary • Initial Sound Identification • Listening Comprehension • Separating Words in a Sentence • Making Compound Words • Separating/Blending Syllables • Onset-Rime

Math Domains

Assess all math domains for PK quickly and easily.

• Counting 1-to-1 • Counting Last Number • Counting Order • Counting Ordinal • Counting Number ID • Addition • Subtraction • Grouping • Shape Identification • Shape Creation • Location Words • Shape Manipulation • Height and Length • Capacity • Weight • Data • Patterns • Rote Counting • Subitization • Time • Same & Different


Developed from national and state guidelines for early literacy and math, LION and LEON will help teachers provide targeted instruction to pre-kindergarten students.

Flexible Testing

The assessment has 4 parts. The first three parts can be done independently on a computer by the student or one-on-one with the teacher. The fourth part is teacher administered only.

Teacher Tested

Refined based on PK teacher focus groups and feedback. Cutpoints for mastery are based on the student's age and the timepoint of the year.

PK Progress Monitoring

Letter Name/Sound
12 sets of probes where students will name each letter and generate its sound.
12 sets of items for Rhyme Identification (Do these words rhyme?) and Rhyme Generation (Tell me a word that rhymes with...)
12 sets of probes where students have to identify the picture.

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