HB3 K-2 Reading and Tango

Not sure how HB3 changes your K – 2 reading assessments?
We can help clarify!

HB3 Tango Options

  • No Change Required – LEAs do not need to make any changes to the assessments they are using for K –2 reading
  • Kindergarten Readiness – All LEAs must do the TX-KEA Screener or the Commissioner-approved alternate (which should be announced by 2/28/2020).
  • Kindergarten BOY – LEAs will still do a BOY kindergarten reading assessment, separate from the kindergarten readiness screener (TX-KEA Screener or the Commissioner-approved alternate).
  • TEA Offerings – TEA is required to provide a free option to LEAs for K –2 READING. TEA is providing TX-KEA for kindergarten, and a basic version of TPRI and Tejas LEE for grades 1 and 2 through the CLI Engage platform.
  • K -3 Continuity – Tango will be the only platform that will have TPRI and Tejas LEE for K –2. Kindergarten TPRI and Tejas LEE will not be available on the CLI Engage platform.

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