2023-2027 Commissioner’s List of Approved Grade 7 Reading Instruments

LION for Reading has been approved by TEA for inclusion on the Grade 7 Reading Instruments list.

Since the 2008-2009 school year, school districts and open-enrollment charter schools have been required to administer a diagnostic reading assessment to Grade 7 students whose performance on the Grade 6 state reading assessment did not meet the passing standard. Results from the diagnostic reading assessment are to be used to inform additional reading instruction and intervention.

To be considered for approval by the commissioner, the Grade 7 student reading instrument must at a minimum (1) be based on current, published scientific research in reading; (2) be age and grade-level appropriate, valid, and reliable; (3) identify specific skill difficulties in word analysis, fluency, and comprehension; and (4) assist the teacher in making individualized instructional decisions based on the assessment results.

For more information about this important tool, please contact support@tangosoftware.com or call 888-932-5282

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