Buffalo, NY, USA, August 7, 2023 — Harris, a global vertical market software provider, adds assessment solutions and services with its acquisition of Liberty Source, LLC.

Liberty Source provides assessment solutions and services with a focus on K-12 reading and math diagnostic testing and remediation. The suite of integrated applications assists K-12 educators in data analysis, assessment creation and progress monitoring. President, Edward Barrera, comments “I am excited to announce that Liberty Source is joining the Harris Education Solution portfolio.  They have shown a commitment to embracing the ideals and principals of the organizations they have acquired. This acquisition broadens Liberty’s commitment to develop innovative solutions for educators and schools, focusing on bridging instruction and student learning, with its Tango Software suite of products. I have no doubt that the Harris Education Solutions portfolio will have a significant and positive impact on the products and services Liberty Source will provide its customers now and in the future.”

Harris Executive Vice President Daniel Youngren said, “The Liberty Source Tango platform, diagnostic screeners and remediation tools, in both English and Spanish, add critical content to our suite of assessment solutions.  The team behind Tango are experts in crafting standards aligned assessments and other tools that make identifying and remediating student learning gaps an efficient and powerful process for teachers and administrators.  Tango makes it very easy to monitor and guide student progress toward mastery.  We are very excited to have them joining our K-12 team and leveraging Tango’s diagnostic and remediation tools in combination with our other assessment and data analysis platforms.”

Liberty Source’s product lines will join the portfolio of Harris Education Solutions. Harris Education Solutions provides student and educator growth solutions through a broad range of assessment, curriculum, RTI/MTSS, analytics, evaluation/observation and student data management systems.

For further information, contact:

Daniel Youngren

Executive Vice President
Harris Education Solutions
+1 (412) 752-7959

About Liberty Source, LLC

Liberty Source is a leader in bridging assessment and instruction.  Past winner of the SIIA CODiE award, the Liberty Source suite of diagnostic and analytical tools allows districts to assess students using the latest technology and research methodologies.  Targeted data analytics help teachers and administrators gain immediate insight into the most purposeful ways to ensure high quality instruction and remediation to achieve student success.

About N. Harris Computer Corporation (Harris)

Harris acquires software companies, manages them using industry best practices, and builds them for the future. Through acquisitions, Harris has grown tremendously since its origins in the private, utility, education, government and healthcare sectors. Harris operates more than 200 businesses worldwide, in more than twenty industries. Harris is an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX: CSU), one of North America’s most active software acquirers. CSI’s head office is in Canada.

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