Summer Options from Liberty Source

Are you ready for summer school?  How can Liberty Source help you meet your summer school goals?

LION for Reading

Our comprehensive K – 12 reading assessment is computer based and easy to administer.  Students can be tested at the beginning and end of summer school to show progress in reading level and foundational skills.

Spanish is available for students K – 6.

LION for Math

Currently offered for K – Algebra 1 , this computer-based assessment gives students the opportunity to show mastery on readiness expectations for the grade level.  Each skill has a screening of items from the previous grade level.  Teachers can quickly see which students are coming into the instructional unit behind.

Spanish is available for students K – 5.

STAAR-Styled Mini-Marks

Our curriculum team can provide up to 3 weekly reading assessments (10-20 items) to provide additional reading comprehension opportunities during summer school.  For math, we can provide a pre-/post-test covering readiness expectations to track progress.  Each of these are available for grades 1 – EOC.  For districts not using our Trends data management system, the assessments are delivered as print-ready PDFs.  Technology enhanced items are available when testing online.

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