2023-2027 Commissioner’s List of Approved Prekindergarten Progress Monitoring Instruments

LION for Prekindergarten has been approved by TEA for inclusion on the Prekindergarten Progress Monitoring Instrument list.

To be considered for approval by the commissioner, the Progress Monitoring Instrument does all of the following:

  1. Assesses in the five required domains of Emergent Literacy: Reading, Emergent Literacy: Writing, Emergent Literacy: Language and Communication, Mathematics, and Health and Wellness
  2. Is offered in English and Spanish
  3. Is administered three times a year (beginning, middle, and end)
  4. Is administered individually
  5. Ensures that administration time for the cumulative test is less than or equal to 100 minutes per student (20 minutes maximum per domain)

For more information about this important tool, please contact support@tangosoftware.com or call 888-932-5282

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